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IRISL to push shipbuilding intensively this year

Submitted by Seaweblive on Mon, 04/11/2022 - 21:37

“IRISL has begun a serious movement in the field of vessel construction using domestic capabilities, which will continue in the current year with more strength and vigor,” he said.
"Although sanctions have created difficult conditions for various sectors of the Iranian economy the country has been able to overcome the pressures by relying on domestic capabilities.” the official said, emphasizing the importance of providing opportunities for growth and prosperity during the current international crisis and sanctions.
As a follow-up to his previous remarks, Modares-Khiabani stated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines set historical records last year; however, the continuation and development of the fleet must be accompanied by significant progress in this area as well, in order for new records to be set."

“Special attention to the north-south corridor and the strong presence of the shipping fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the port of Chabahar is also among the IRISL’s main strategies in the current year,” he added.

The IRISL head also mentioned his organization’s special efforts for repairing the vessels of the IRISL fleet inside the country and said: "There is a serious approach to conduct the periodic repairs of ships inside the country and so far, effective steps have been taken in this area."

“At the same time, there is a serious emphasis on supplying all the items and parts needed by the vessels by domestic manufacturers,” the official added.
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